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Sombrero lighthouse Marathon Florida Keys Reef Marine Sanctuary

Target Species & FAQ

The Florida Keys is home to a variety of incredible game fish ie Sailfish, Swordfish, and phenomenal  eating fish like snappers, Mahi Mahi, Grouper and more. Here in Marathon Florida we catch them all on our exciting fishing charters.

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Sailfish Fishing

●  When is sailfish fishing season?

Sailfish fishing season is typically year round but the best times are November through end of April. It can be done on a half a day and we suggest a 3/4 day Charter.

●  Do I need special equipment for sailfish fishing?

We use light tackle: 20lb line and Penn Spinning reels. Live or dead bait, preferably live Pilchards, Ballyhoo.

●  Where to fish for sailfish?

Mostly inshore from the reef at 30ft to 200 ft of water.

●  Can we keep caught sailfish?

Typically it’s a catch & release, and from the photos and measurements we can generate a beautiful trophy. 

●  How big are sailfish?

Sizes are 10 to 100lbs , length 68 inches

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Swordfish Fishing

●  When is swordfish fishing season?

Day time swordfish fishing is a year round, mostly done on a  9-10 hour charter trip.

●  Where to fish for swordfish? Traveling 30 miles to the “shelf” we fish between 1500-1800 ft with electric assist reels. We also target Mahi Mahi and Tuna on our way to the destination.

●  Do I need special equipment for swordfish fishing? We are equipped to fish the swordfish manually and electric assist with a fighting chair. On the swordfish trip we can also deep drop for snowy grouper, rosefish, tilefish, queen snapper, barrel fish, seasonal.

●  How rare are swordfish? Swordfish are fairly common, they have a very soft mouth and sometimes hard to keep a hook in.

●  How big are swordfish? Common fish sizes are anywhere from 6 to 12 feet and will weigh from 50 to over 400 lbs  (minimum limits are ever changing per FWC)

●  Can we keep caught swordfish? One fish is kept for trophy and for food, and we get the photo and measurements to generate a beautiful trophy with Grey Taxidermy

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Mahi Mahi Fishing

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●  When and where is Mahi Mahi fishing season? Mahi Mahi is caught exclusively offshore 60+ feet from May through September. And caught occasionally in the wintertime close to the reef in the Florida Keys. 

●  How do you fish for Mahi Mahi? Fishing for Mahi Mahi can be done via trolling lures behind the boat at a speed of 2-9 knots, or site cast around floating debris and sargassum seaweed patches.

●  How big do Mahi Mahi get and whats the catch limit ? Sizes range from 24” to 75lbs. Mahi travel in large schools accompanied by 2-3 large bulls. The limit for Mahi Mahi is 10 per person.

●  How good are Mahi Mahi to eat and is there places that can cook the catch for us?

Mahi is one of the best eating fish caught here in the Florida Keys. You can take your catch to almost any restaurant here in Marathon, FL and they will prepare a tasty meal for you. We are located right next to Burdine's Waterfront Restaurant and they will cook you up an incredible dish!

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More favorite species



Yellowtail snapper

Mangrove snapper

Mutton snapper

Queen snapper


Red grouper

Black grouper

Snowy grouper

Misty grouper

Yellow edge grouper

Yellow mouth 

Wahoo, Blackfin Tuna, Cobia, Permit,  Amberjack, King Fish, Tripple Tail, Cero & Spanish Mackerel, Barracuda, Tarpon

Deep dropping available according to federal regulations.

We supply bait, tackle, fishing license .

Captains cooler beverages, bring your own drinks and lunch (alcohol beverages permitted in NON GLASS bottles)

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